Trainings and education at hackerspaces (BurgasConf)

Having mostly organized trainings, presentations and short events of the sort in init Lab, my idea was to pitch local developers and professionals into sharing their knowledge and skills at the Burgas hackerspace.

SEO Fundamentals Outline Course Summary

On 10th and 17th January 2013, I lead a 2-lectures course on the topic of SEO fundamentals at initLab. The course was free and open. It was targeting a broad audience of both technical and non-technical people of any business areas. Lectures were meant to be very accessible.

Save Kamen Sarafov

One never knows what reality really is. And sometimes reality is too harsh to accept, especially when it comes to bigger things in live. Recently, a friend of mine, Kamen Sarafov, was diagnonized with a very rare illness which may take Kamen's life away ...

VarnaConf - developers conference 2012

VarnaConf took place on 11st August. Two words: wonderful event. The gathering meant to, and managed to: gather high-level developers to share knowlege on particular topics. The topics were well selected to cover multiple technology areas, as well as focus points in the technologies.

New blog and a Curriculum Vitae

Yesterday I published a new version of the blog. There is a full English version now, plus new design with responsive layout. The design itself is not perfect, because I'm not a good drawled, but I hope it's as simple and clear enough so that visitors can easily find and read the information they're looking for.