How we work


We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

This is when you know your idea, sensitive information and privacy are in safe hands.


We dissect your problem or need.

Meetings face to face, conference or phone calls, instant messaging or any other mean of communication is fine for us, as long as we can get a clear picture of what we are facing and how we can be by your side in the best possible way.


We suggest an action plan.

This is the solution we propose to you. Costs and deadlines will be specified, and it’s the time when you will have to decide if this is the scope of the work that you’ll expect from us.


We sign an agreement/contract.

The moment we shake hands over the signed contract is the moment we commit to executing the action plan in the agreed scope and deadline in order to finally get to the solution of your problem.


We set up a secure development environment.

Either configuring a virtual private server (VPS) or a subdomain to your website inside your hosting, in both cases you will have access to the ”workshop” where the results will take shape.


We provide you access to a private support and document management systems.

We use Trello as a project management and issue tracking platform, letting us organize your feedback in a way that is easy to be taken care of in a timely manner. We developed a basic DMS for our clients so that you can always have access to the project documentation, no matter if you are on your desktop computer or travelling.


We keep you posted on our progress and react on your feedback.

Continuous communication along the development process is what keeps us on track and lets us be agile enough to any changes in the scope, whenever such are needed.


Once the project is launched, we start our active maintenance and support.

Our work is always followed by months of technical support, consulting on how to make the best out of your new website and troubleshooting, if by any chance you happen to need it.